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Startup Expert Lawyer 

7 years of IT experience (as developer) and 3 years of Digital and Startup Law experience

My name is Thiago Vieira and I'm:

 - Lawyer in Brazil and Portugal, Professor, Consultant and Judicial Expert

 - Master (L.L.M) in European Union Law from the University of Minho - Portugal.

 - Postgraduate in Digital Law. Graduated in Startup Law from Insper.

 - Hackathon Mentor and Startup Legal Advisor.

 - Coordinator of the Brazilian BAR Association - Law and Technology Commission.

 - Alternate Representative Brazilian BAR Association at the Piracy Control Commission.

 - Speaker at volunteer project  "BAR Association goes to school."

 - Deputy Coordinator of the ACIB Legal Commission.


Know the advantage

Legal advice for startups

Innovation protection

NDA, contracts, agency records and all necessary measures to protect the intellectual property of your startup.

Expert Lawyer

I've been a programmer for 7 years and I know exactly what your startup needs to evolve with legal certainty.

Protection of personal data

I have experience in the implementation of projects related to LGPD in Brazil and GDPR in Europe, especially in Portugal.

Learn all a startup lawyer can offer:

Terms and conditions of use

Today I have developed more than 200 terms and conditions of use, served more than 50 startups in isolation and serve 25 Brazilian, Spanish and Portuguese startups all around the world on a continuous (monthly) basis.

Consulting, advisoring and expert mentoring

A startup attorney can help with tips and advice on pitch, cap table, fundraising, equity, convertible notes, valuation, pre-money, post-money, due diligence, metrics, and KPIs (eg: CAC, CHURN) , investment contracts, business models, internationalization, and more!

What clients say about me ...

I currently serve 25 international startups on an ongoing basis.

I am very happy to have made the right choice to have you as FlysApp's legal advisor.

Thiago is very dedicated, proactive and always aligned with our needs.

I am proud of the competent professional you are 👏 👏 👏 Thanks for the support.

Ramon Reis - FlysApp

Carolina Ortega - PsicoAVR

Antônio Badan - EasyAmb


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